Are you a Golden Ticket raffle winner? Find out here!

Dear 888ladies & 888gents,

Watch this space to see if you’re a special Golden Ticket raffle winner for our just launched £5M Golden Ticket game for 2013!

So the first day of competition began in earnest yesterday (Feb 20th) & we’ve got our first set of Golden Ticket raffle winners to announce! Check back here to see a daily list of winners!

There are 4 raffle categories  you can win in, and here are our winners so far!

1. New Player Raffle:

WTG to hannah111, sarahm246, cath246, celticchick39 & stac010! who were our winners on 20th Feb!
dannydoop, rab1, Lottie12, granof4boys, & lorrainecalvo were our winners on 21st Feb!
WD to our 22nd Feb winners: skyesmummydaddy, pigginspecial, docboy69, dazzy44, & bingosandy1!
23rd Feb: jezzy, jamiehynes123, mummy2kd, mariebob, katbuc24
24th Feb: poppy7606, claggnutz, wehaveawinner, sabo, & annsheridan!
25th Feb: kazza2178, FancyNancy28, jadeselina, kbecky, & marygi!
26th Feb: redninja, caboodles900, kittykaz1968, sazzydaffy333, & rocky2003!

2. Instant Game Raffle:

WD to our 20th Feb winners carol29xxxx, cazza2227, bluey24, Vicky782, asparklex, heleng006, wiccangirl, becky_boo, wendywoos & trac01482!
Winning on 21st Feb were: buckegg, spoonda, csmg2, giant36, tytytyxx, beryl1234, SuzieDee, shazz1969, quehunogtoi, & candybabe1!
22nd Feb winners were: akifur999, FairyGodmother, glorybee, rionsmum, carol29xxxxx, patblucky, holly1981, bridgit, merrythought, & lisaandbrooke!
23rd Feb: score1172, rosie1950, Rosalux2, vickyone1, Iloveowls, xmillysx, Hexieladie, Germaine80, jojoboo, & Dboyd993!
24th Feb: sarahanne, littledoll13, pepper000, phil333, andyofhull, sara73, daz346, coconut76, magz1661, & lasvegas99!
25th Feb: karenlou, jojo06, natty69904, charliedexter, winlots26, winky10, lollypops123, shelldrake, weebecks12, & Mary60
26th Feb: eibedd888, met444, Bingoblaster21, jdsbp2013, sargo, jakianne, junglebunny07, payday11, tina80, & jimbo83!

3. Refer A Friend:

24th Feb: sedge23,cheerylou,ramraider69,duche0909, & bingodawson1

4. Friends who have been referred to 888ladies:

24th Feb: sarahd23, cheerysdh, callum_1987, arshila, & bingosandy1

Love, The Ladies xxx


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